Quilts in our Travels

Notes and photographs of what we see and learn in our inspiration-seeking road trips!

We made it to 9 out of 12, so we'll try again this year ... Our new year's resolution for 2004 ... attend at least one sewing/quilting event per month.

Admiring the embroidery work at the Philadelphia show
Chatting with embroidery enthusiasts at the Philadelphia Quilting & Embroidery Showcase in West Chester, PA (Feb/03)

4 January 2003 ... Baltimore, MD ~~~ Treasures Underfoot: Quilts Inspired by Japanese Manhole Covers by Shirley MacGregor at the Baltimore Public Works Museum.
Creating her own ...
Art of a different kind
Like other architectural details found in public places, such as gravestones and historical signs, manhole covers lend themselves perfectly to "rubbings", creating wonderful works of art. Here (left) Tulia places a piece of paper on a manhole cover and uses a crayon to "rub" against the paper to produce her own work of art!
Admiring the quilts
Fabric manhole covers
Typically, manhole covers are made of cast iron, for durability, and their design not only identifies its service function, but can also be decorative while communicating a message.
Taking a break ...
Taking a break ... checking out Shirley MacGregor's book ...

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