SEWING MACHINES: Our Humble Collection

Singer ... Domestic ... Chapparral .... Kenmore ... and more!

Singer, Domestic, Chapparral, Kenmore ... Sewing Machine: machine designed to join pieces of fabric
or leather by means of either a lockstitch or a chain stitch ... Read more!

In 1963, we started with one Singer ... Now we have more than nine machines including a Featherweight and a toy machine!

Tulia's first!
Tulia's very first machine - a 1963 Singer - is maintained in perfect working order and continues to be her favorite day-to-day workhorse.

1950's Chapparral
This 1950's Chapparral - one of Ana's "fabulous yard sale finds" - was purchased at an unbelievable bargain and is in perfect condition.

Touch 'n Sew
Ana's first machine, Singer's Little Touch 'n Sew, was re-acquisitioned via eBay. It is still fun to use after all these years!

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